It's Not Easy Being Green

It's Not Easy Being Green is an exhibit of cloth dolls created to remind us that we are all "green" -- different and unique -- in some way. The children and adults who created this 3-D mural understand that "green" has become a significant concept, representing Mother Earth and the movement to take care of the Earth. Their work celebrates diversity, acknowledges the challenges and reminds viewers of the importance of being open, accepting and loving towards all those who share this planet with us. It ties together the need to love and understand ourselves and others with the pressing need to value and respect Mother Earth.

The Florida mural was sent to Jordan, where artist and Art Studio Workshop Programmer Zeina Saket worked with children/youth visitors to the museum to create a response mural. The Jordan Children's Museum exhibit opened on January 20, 2009 under the patronage of Princess Rajwa Ali, an artist and advocate for children's education. More than 500 individuals, families, children, artists, art organizations and institutes and ambassadors were invited. The mural exchange was the centerpiece of the exhibit.

The next step will be for the murals to be sent to Florida, where they will go on exhibit in celebration and recognition of this goodwill gesture and the children and institutions who have contributed to this wonderful exchange project.

Art Miles Mural Project

The Iraq Art Mile

A project of The Art Mile Murals Project and The Iraqi Children's Art Exchange

ICAE is coordinating The Iraq Art Mile (IAM) as part of The Art Miles Murals, an international project that emerged in support of the UNESCO Decade of Peace and Non-violence Among Children of the World: 2000-2010. IAM is sponsoring a series of murals to be painted both in the Middle East and in the US with the theme: Building a Culture of Peace: Who Are We/Who Are They. All the murals created for this project, along with documenting photographs, will be displayed in the US and in the Middle East. The exhibits will illuminate history and culture within the context of the lives, hopes, dreams and expectations of children and youth on both sides of the cultural and political divide that exists at this particular moment in history.

The ultimate destination of the IAM murals is Egypt, where in September, 2010, the Art Mile Murals Project will mark the end of the Decade of Peace and Non-violence Among Children with a giant, gala exhibition. Thousands of murals created by children and youth from around the world will celebrate and give testimony to their work and vision for a better, more peaceful future.


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Greeting Card Exchange, Eastside Friends Meeting, Bellevue, Washington

A Quaker meeting in Bellevue, Washington is having people of all ages paint greeting cards to exchange for cards made by Iraqis in Jordan.

More information and pictures

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Jon Goodman, Photogravure

No other method of printing multiple copies of black-and white photographs compares in subtlety and richness with photogravure. A continuous-tone process so painstakingly exact and complex as to be arcane, it produces prints unequaled in luminosity and dimensional definition. To Jon Goodman - contemporary photogravure's unquestioned master - what its creators were searching for, "the light-drawn image in ink on paper," is "a mystery of the highest order." - Andrew Wilkes, Aperture [Read entire article]

Photogravure is a photomechanical means of making a photographic image in ink on paper from an etched copper plate. Using this process, Jon Goodman has created a plate of my mother and child photograph taken at Al-Mansour Pediatric Hospital in Baghdad, 2004. We have designed a broadside which will be the poster and centerpiece for a new exhibit: "One day we triumph, another we are beaten. One day we are badly beaten, another we rejoice." We expect the exhibit to be ready by the end of 2008.

The calligraphy has been created especially for this poster by Nihad Dukhan.

The International Cultural Arts Network

Painting by Thamir Dawood from Bridge of Hope Show

The International Cultural Arts Network (ICAN) emerged from the March, 2006 Global Peace Initiative of Women Iraq-US Summit: Creating A Common Future in New York. The Summit brought Iraqi and American women together for a weekend of meetings to foster understanding, develop working relationships and collaborative projects.

Claudia Lefko and the ICAE joined with three other participants at this summit to form an arts network whose stated goal was to investigate the possibility of mounting an exhibit or series of exhibits integrating the work of Iraqi and American artists and an artist exchange program.

The first exhibit, Bridge of Hope Show: Iraqi/U.S. Art Initiative, took place March 29 - May 4, 2008 at the Delaware Art Museum Outlooks Gallery in Wilmington DE.

The ICAN project is being overseen by Rosemary Lane, Executive Director, Luminare, The Wellness and Expressive Arts Center in Bear, Delaware.